About Us

Care My PC offers on-site computer maintenance services to Businesses and individuals here in Bangalore Managed Services which are based on monthly / annually contracts covering all support and no fixed charges for service support calls. Services are supplied by Engineers on-site, by telephone and on-line booking.. Please do call us at 9738 008008

Our mission

Our current client base includes Small Businesses and home PC service . We have expertise in most business computer technologies and can provide a custom end-to-end solution, which can include planning and design, implementation, hardware and software purchases, comprehensive support, training and documentation, all within your budget.

Who We Are ?

Care My PC strive at being a unique leader in the computer services industry. We are proud to offer friendly, fast and reliable service throughout the Bangalore for both business and residential customers at an affordable price. We offer both onsite and remote computer support to suit your budget and needs.


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